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Asifa Bano was only 8 years old. She was a muslim girl living with her parents in Kathua district of Jammu and Kashmir, India. 

One day while grazing her horses, she was abducted, kept in a temple and gang-raped several times over a week. She was repeatedly given unorganised doses of sedatives, that too on empty stomach. It kept her from reacting but hanging between life and death before she was eventually strangled to death after many days of unspeakable torture. She was hit twice on head by stone to make sure that she was dead. Her body was dumped in the nearby  forests. Even her dead body could not find peace as she was not allowed to be burried in her own village. Her family had to bury her in a village 10 km away.

The eight men accused in connection to the rape and murder are Hindu. Asifa belonged to the Muslim Bakarwal tribe. Police told that the henious crime was committed to instill fear and drive out Asifa's community from their village. This heartless and shameful act has left the entire nation in shock. Humanity was murdered. People took to streets in anger demanding death punishment for the accused.

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Asifa was adopted by her parents after their two other children were killed in a car incident. They were devastated to see her dead body. She was an apple of their eye. She was lively, always chirping like a bird but she now she has gone quiet forever. I must be very difficult for them to recover from this extreme loss. On one hand they have to suffer thier loss and other the other hand they have to fight to make sure the justice is delivered to Asifa. They are under constant pressure and threats from the local hindus. As a result, they are foced to leave their village and live in a camp at a safer location. We are working with local srinagar based NGO to deliver the collected funds directly to Asifa's parents and bring you regular updates about the new developments in the case.

Please donate generously as we hope to raise enough funds to support Asifa's family in resettlement and their fight for justice. 

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Asifa's Lawyer's press briefing


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