Frequently asked Questions

What is CountryCause?

CountryCause is an online fundrasing website. We provide the platform and the tools to raise funds for your cause.

Who can raise funds with CountryCause?

Anyone who needs financial help.
- Individuals with a personal cause like medical bills, travel expenses, education fees, loan repayments, thanksgiving, funerals, memorials etc.
- Individuals/Startups with creative ideas like movies, technology, fashion, business, talent hunt, competitions etc.
- NGOs/Charities/Non-Profits/Political Parties/Religios Groups/Sports teams/Schools/Colleges with social causes like envoirnment, refugee camps, food supplies, natural calamity, old age homes, child abuse, women empowerment, animal welfare, education, religious events, political rallies, elections, sports events etc.

Why CountryCause?

We do not keep a share from your donations. Countrycause has zero platform fees and zero commision fees in contrast to the industry standard of 10%. Note - There will be a small PayPal transaction fees which usually is 2.5% - 3% of the donation amount.
On top of donations, we offer you a 50% share in advertising revenue generated through additional fundraising activities like search, shopping, games, videos, surveys, offers etc. These activities keep your users engaged and provides you a chance to maximize funds raised.

How to start?

Its a quick 3 step process -
1. Signup on CountryCause Platform.
2. Create a Campaign (fill up the details about your Cause).
3. Let the world know (share it with your friends and family using Countrycause social media tools).

When do i get paid?

To get paid it is important to upload the mandatory documents from your user portal. You can withdraw the donation amount as soon as it reaches $50. Funds raised through advertising activities are paid Net60 (eg. funds raised through advertising activities during January are paid on 30th March).

What are the Payment Modes?

Right now we have PayPal as the only mode of payment. But we are working to add other payment modes very soon.

How safe is it to use CountryCause platform?

All payments are processed through PayPal that uses the very best in secure payment encryption technology.

What if I don't reach my goal?

No problem. There is no penalty on not reaching the goal amount, you still get whatever funds you have raised.

Can I change the goal amount?

Yes, of course! Just login to your account to change the goal amount.

How long can I run a campaign on CountryCause?

Once your campaign deadline is reached, it automatically moves from 'active' campaigns to 'ended' campaigns and no longer accepts donations. But you can always stretch the deadline by logging into your account.

What is CountryCause Verified seal?

Every day, thousands of people get the help they need from generous donors. We encourage donors to look out for a countrycause verified seal on a campaign page which indicates that the campaign has been verified by Countrycause team of experts. CountryCause verified seal helps build trust and confidence of donors in a campaign.

What is CountryCause Guarantee?

CountryCause Guarantee protects your donation. In the rare case when something is not right, we will refund your donation.

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